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Pink Sand

Welcome to The Spirit Animal Collection where each animal has a special communication with The Most High...Tap In

Made With

•Focal Malachite Beads

•14k Gold Rondelles 4mm

•Malachite Beads (A Grade, 10mm, 6mm)

•14k Gold Clasp

Tree Frog Symbolism...

Fertility, Potential, Transformation, Purity, Prosperity, and Good Luck. If you have a frog spirit animal, you are likely to be very successful in life. You leap from one victory to the next; you're always winning. You are probably also a very good swimmer! The frog spirit animal is also associated with transformation. This is because frogs go through a metamorphosis during their lifetime.

Tree Frog Malachite (The Spirit Animal Collection)

$410.24 Regular Price
$328.19Sale Price
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