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Pink Sand

And Then Came Shango...Shango Is The Orisha Of Thunder, Lightning, Fire, Justice, Dance, Virility. Tapping Into Root Chakra Energy Requires Alignment Of All The Chakras To Maintain Balance. You Dont Play With Fire You Have To Learn How To Channel It For Will Power. This Necklace Is For The Divine Warrior Spirit That Stands On Their Principles, Walk In Faith & Nobility, Ready To Conquer All Adversities. Tap In...

Made With:

• Carnelian Palmstone Wrapped In 14k/12k Gold

• Carnelian Beads (4mm, 8mm, 10mm)

• Moonstone Beads (8mm)

• 14k Gold Beads, Rondells, And Clasp

• Howlite Beads (3mm)



Shango Of Carnelian

$1,111.00 Regular Price
$777.70Sale Price
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