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Pink Sand

Welcome To "Le Renaissance" Art Collection. Art Is Truly Revolutionary. After Revelations Is Always A Renaissnace. Tap Into The Alchemy Of Divination Thru Self- Affirmation. We Are The Accumilation Of Our Ancestors/Dieties, Forces Of Nature, Spiritual/Meta-Physical, Reflections Of The Soul. When You Tap Into Your Higher Self That Encompasses Past, Present, And Future Lives. Made In The Image Of The Most High We Should Remind Ourselves Thru Positive Affirmation Who We Truly Are And What We Are Made Of. Thru Your Imagery You Program The Subconscious Mind To Realign Your Chakras And Activate Genetic Memory. Once You Know Who You Are The Rest Becomes Easier. The Self Affirmation Portrait Reinforces That Spirit Of Self-Love, Knowledge Of Self, And Freedom To Self-Identify Which Means Sovereignty...Tap In

Self-Affirmation Portraits (Le Renaissance Art Collection)

$1,300.00 Regular Price
$910.00Sale Price
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