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Pink Sand

Looking For Transformation? A New Frontier Awaites. This Ogun Of Ruby Zoisite Necklace Is All About Alchemy, Transformation, Resourcefullness, Refinement, And Abundace...The Ruby Represents Passion...Tap In


•Zoisite Palm Stone Wrapped In 14K/12k Gold Wire


Zoisite is a stone of return: return to the self, return to one's center, return to relaxation, return to healthy norms, etc. The creative energy of zoisite is believed to serve as a reset button, returning the mind back to its objectives after an unwelcome interruption.


•14k Gold Beads (4mm-8mm)

• 14k Gold Rondelles

• Green Jade Beads (Grade A, 6mm)

• Black Obsidian (Grade A, 8mm-10mm)

• 14k Gold Clasp


(Please Be Avised, All Custom Orders Are Made Once Purchased. We Will Contact You In Order To Pick Out Which Stone You Want As Your Center Piece. Every Stone and Wrap Is Going To Be Different For Each Individual. You Will Also Have The Option Of Changing The Length Or Adding Other Stones If You Want. If You Have Any Questions About The Process Please Email Us, We Will Be Happy To Help.)

Ogun- is the god of iron, metal, and metal work. In his various manifestations, he is also a warrior and is associated with war, truth, and justice.

Ogun Of Ruby Zoisite Necklace

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