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Pink Sand

Ochosi- Is The Spirit Associated With The Hunt, Forests, Animals, And Wealth. He Is Spirit Of Meals, Because It Is He Who Provides Food. He Is Associated With Lightness, Astuteness, Wisdom, And Craftiness In The Hunt. He Is The Orisha Of Contemplation, Loving The Arts And Beautiful Things.

Lapis Lazuli- Is A Highly Spiritual Stone And Is Known As The Stone Of Truth And Friendship. It Brings Harmony, Love And Protection To Relationships. It Also Helps Aid Awareness And Good Judgement, Which Can Help Deepen Relationships.

Made With:

• Lapis Lazuli Beads (6mm, 8mm, 10mm)

• Citrine Beads (8mm)

• 14k Gold Rondelles & Clasp

Ochosi Of Lapis Lazuli Matching Set

$423.00 Regular Price
$296.10Sale Price
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