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Pink Sand

Heru is the virgin-born son of Auset and Ausar. At his birth it is said wise kings or Magi came to honor him while he was adored by all manner of neteru. As an adult, Heru avenged his father by triumphing over his wicked uncle Set.

Red Tigers Eye-is an incredible healing stone and can be used in many ways to align certain chakras, balance the body, sharpen the mind, and help you unpack and put away any emotional baggage you have been dragging around with you.

Made With:

• Red Tigers Eye Wrapped In 14k Gold

• Ted Tigers Eye Beads (4mm,10mm)

• 14k Gold Beads (8mm)

• 14k Gold Diamond Beads (3mm)

• 14k Gold Clasp

Heru Of Red Tigers Eye

$285.00 Regular Price
$228.00Sale Price
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