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Pink Sand

Lapis Lazuli- Since The Earliest of Times, Lapis Lazuli Has Been Associated With Royalty, Strength and Courage, Wisdom and Intellect, Friendship and Truth. From Antiquity, Lapis Lazuli Has Been Worn In The Belief That It Will Ward Off Evil.

Dolphin Spirit Animal Meaning- Peace and Harmony. This Animal of The Seas and Oceans is Joyful, Graceful, Compassionate, Intelligent, Generous and Protective. It Also Symbolizes Cooperation and Freedom. Its Energy is Positive and It is Often a Symbol of Love, Life and Joy.

Made With:

• Fresh Water Mother Of Pearl (6mm)

• Lapis Lazuli Beads (8mm)

• 14k Gold Rondelles & Clasp

Dolphin Lapis Lazuli (The Spirit Animal Collection)

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