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Pink Sand

Tap Into True Spiritual Alchemy With Our Crystal Meditation Kits...The Planet Has A Crystal Grid That Tranfers Information Or Light Codes That Help You Channel Specific Intructions For Your Soul's Journey...All You Have To Do Is Meditate To Tap In...Here At The Sacred Tree We Are Bridging The Gap Between Spirituality & Science...Christ Conciousness Is Crystalized Thought...Stay Tuned For The Next Video Download Where We Will Expound On Different Meditation Techniques & How Crystals Are Like Spiritual WiFi To Help Ground That Inner-G...Stay Solid

How To Use: Each Palmstone Crystal Is Connected To An Element That Connects To The Bracelet, That Connects To You And Vice-Versa. First Set The Mood For Your Meditation By Purifying The Air, By Our Aura Freshener Or Smudging Sage/Paulo Santo, Or By Using Solffegio Sound Frequencies. Go Into Your Meditation With Your Bracelet On & Palmstone In Hand Or Close By For A Clear Connection. Be Still And Focus On Your Breathing And Let The Energy Exchange Flow. Once You Get Your Downloads And Your Session Is Complete Your Bracelet Should Be Worn As A Reminder & Reference Point For The Messages Downloaded. True Alchemy Takes Practice So Follow This Ritual Until You Master All Elemental Forces...Ase

Crystal Meditation Kits

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