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Pink Sand

Center Piece Palm Stone- Genuine Cat's Eye Selenite, Natural Snow Quartz 10mm(B Grade), 14kt/12k Gold Wire Wrapping, Celestial Crystal Platinum, 14kt Gold Beads, 14kt Gold Corrugated Rondelle, 14kt Gold Jump Ring, 14kt Gold Cap.


Obatala or Oshala (known as Obatalá in Nigeria and in Caribbean and South American Spanish and Oxalá in Brazil) is an orisha. He is believed to be the Sky Father and the creator of human bodies, which were brought to life by the smooth breath of Olodumare. Obatala is the father of all orishas (irunmole or imole). His principal wife is Yemaya.

Obatala was authorized by Olodumare to create land upon the water beneath the sky. Due to his efforts, the first Yoruba city, Ife, was founded. Obatala is Olodumare's representative on Earth and the shaper of human beings.


(Please be advised that the Selenite Palm Stone is very delicate so when wrapping it, it might have a few scratches. Still its a Powerful and Unique necklace.)

Cat's Eye Of Obatala

$280.00 Regular Price
$224.00Sale Price
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