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Pink Sand

Bastet- Goddess Of Anointing, Goddess Of The Moon And The Sunrise, Bast Rules, Love, Fertility, Sensuality & Music. The Mother Of Cats & The Magical Power They Contain & Is Often Depicted As A Feline-Headed Woman Holding A Sistrum. Protector Of Women & Children, She Is The Guardian Of The Household & The Bringer Of Good Health & Prosperity...Tap In

Made With:

• Goldsheen Obsidian Palmstone Wrapped In Sterling Silver

• Goldsheen Obsidian Beads (10mm)

• 14k Gold Diamond Shaped Accent Beads (3mm)

• 14k Gold Bead (8mm)

• 14k Gold Clasp

Bastet Of Goldsheen Obsidian Necklace

$260.00 Regular Price
$182.00Sale Price
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