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      The Sacred Tree Is A Family Business That Specializes In Natural Products To Enhance And Awaken The Mind, Body, And Soul. In Our Spiritual Evolution We All May Travel Different Paths To Reach The Same Destination Of What We Consider To Be Paradise, Peace And Wholeness. Knowledge Of Self Is The Key To Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts And Self Love Is A Part Of Our Evolutionary Process. Identity Comes From Self-Reflection And The Realization That We Have A Natural Connection With Source, The Goddess We Call Mother Nature. What We Offer Are Products That Keep That Connection Sacred. 

     Established In 2020, The Sacred Tree Has A Product Line Ranging From Hair And Beauty Products To Custom Crystal Jewelry (Stardust Jewelry) Along With Other Merchandise That Reflects Our Love Affair With Nature. Our 1st Product Launch Is A Flaxseed Detangling And Styling Gel We Call "Spiral Goddess." For The True Queens Out There, Who Have Knowledge Of Self And Embrace Their Natural Hair (Crown) And Love To Let It Show In All Its Spiral Crowned Glory, This Is For You. We Also Have Essential Oil Formulas That Promote Healthy Scalp And Hair Growth. Our Hair, As Extensions Of Our Nervous System, Has Always Been Important To Our Cultural Identity And Symbol Of Our Unique Attributes. 

     Join Us On This Awesome Spiritual Journey Of Self-Discovery, Where Standards Of Beauty Are Defined By Individual Affirmation Not Bias Collective Propaganda. Our Hair Has Always And Will Forever Be A Symbol Of Our Power, Majesty And Cultural Identity That Desires To Be Unleashed, Never To Be Tamed Again... 


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